Moon Beach

Sal Capelli has had enough. After more than twenty years following orders from boss-man Angelo, Sal finally follows his heart and lands in the sleepy paradise of Moon Beach. He’s looking for love, lasagna, and a shot at a new life.

But Moon Beach is not as sleepy as it looks. It’s filled with folks with secrets—Gregor, the mysterious new-age health guru; Patrick, the crazed knife wielding chef; Tony, the bad father who refuses to stay dead; and Georgine, the little old lady with more than a dash of moonshine. Doreen, the object of Sal’s affection, has some secrets of her own.

While the residents are busy trying to reinvent themselves, the local wildlife goes—well, wild—with unexpected and sometimes disastrous results.

Pasta. Revenge. Alligators. Redemption.

What more could you want from a love story?

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As Vince’s world explodes behind him, he flees his dead-end life for a fresh start in sleepy Moon Beach. But when a land-hungry con artist shows up in town, Moon Beach becomes anything but tranquil.

Now Vince and his to die for burnt sugar ricotta pastries, a feisty octogenarian with a major stake in prime coastal real estate, a beautiful young woman with a penchant for scrap metal and forgery, and the local wildlife must all join forces to try to save the beach–and each other–from an environmental disaster.

Greed. Deception. Sleaze. Dynamite. Definitely a recipe for trouble in paradise.

Unless adding a bit of Moon Beach magic to the mix can conjure up a generous helping of just desserts for everyone instead.

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