Cardinal update, or The Birds is coming

I know y’all are anxious to find out what’s happening with my kamikaze cardinal, so here’s the latest:

Whoops, wrong cardinals…. sorry.

This morning I walked down the driveway to get the paper and there in my palm trees (minus the snow, thank heaven) were not only the male cardinal, but a female cardinal as well.    [Continue reading]

Go Ahead, Make My Quote of the Day

Clint:  A Retrospective is coming out next week.

Today’s Wall Street Journal provided the following Eastwood quote:

“When I was doing The Bridges of Madison County, I said to myself, ‘This romantic stuff is really tough. I can’t wait to get back to shooting and killing.’”

Gotta love him.

Friday Flash Fiction

I honestly thought it was Friday this morning, so I posted this, then hid it when I realized it was Thursday, then decided, who cares what day it is?

Just in case you were still worrying about poor Libby’s fate……

“Libby! Can you hear me?”

She opened her eyes. The sun was too bright; trees    [Continue reading]