The bridge, the Falls, The Hunger Games and me

Oh, good – We’ve been hearing thunder for hours now and Polly is cowering and shaking under my desk.

That’s perfect mood music to finally finish this blog post from our June road trip, which included hiking in North Carolina’s DuPont State Forest.

Note the bridge; you’ll see it again later.

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Trout fishing (or mebbe catfish) in America

The Man and I recently got back from our spring road trip. We had our usual quirky time – we like back roads and waterfalls and dams and fish hatcheries and of course we met enough characters to people a couple of novels (I hope).

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You're killing me with that story...

This freaking cold weather has, for some reason, reminded me of the two years I spent in Wisconsin in the 1970’s. I started writing this vignette sometime during the summer and meant to post it at Halloween but forgot about it until today. So here you go, trick or treat:

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The long and winding road trip - A lump of coal

A lump of coal

Much more than a lump of coal, actually. This is Part Two of my earlier post describing our recent road trip.

This is strip-mining and mountaintop removal in operation. Mountaintop removal to extract the coal within has been going on throughout Appalachia since the 1970’s.

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