to make a long story short...

I obviously haven’t been in blog-land much lately. I’ve been editing my WIP and frankly, if I follow much more of the (good) writing advice/models I’ve been reading lately, there won’t be much of the damn thing left for anyone else to read.

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Winter Solstice 2010

It’s the Winter Solstice, happens every year about this time…. And honestly, I can’t do any better than re-post last year’s Solstice message, with Rebecca Parker’s beautiful Winter Solstice poem.

Happy Holidays, friends! “Let this be the time we wake to life.”


for a moment
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Friday Flash Haiku

Scrawled on a soggy scrap of paper at the beach yesterday:

Conf’rence call — cancelled.
Plan B: Pack lunch, grab suit, GO.
Low tide, warm waves. Bliss.

April is National Poetry Month

I just realized this is National Poetry Month.

Favorite poets, anyone? My favorite is Mary Oliver. She captures the essence of nature and life so beautifully, so simply.  I could stick one of her poems here (like anything from Why I Wake Early for example), but decided instead to share one of my    [Continue reading]