A driving force

I guess the day you renew your driver’s license and they snap that picture that will follow you around for the next 8 years BEFORE you get the black eye qualifies as a good day, right?


Yesterday I had an appointment to go in and prove to the DMV examiner that I knew the difference between    [Continue reading]

It was a dark and stormy night…

…perfect baking weather, in my mind. So I made apricot-orange oat scones and then, since the kitchen was already a mess, cranberry chocolate chip cookies. C’mon over. I just put on a pot of coffee.

I was awake a lot during the night since bands of rain kept slamming the bedroom windows.    [Continue reading]

from my iPad

I wanted to try a blog post from the iPad, so here goes. Usually I post from my laptop.

I LOVE ♥ the touch screen! I also love reading on the iPad. First book read: Room. (I wanted to start with Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but it’s not available from    [Continue reading]


I decided to start writing a mystery during this year’s National Novel Writing Month. For one thing, it’s time to live up to the name of my blog.

But the real reason – I think – is this: I need to try using an outline or formula for writing a long narrative, and it    [Continue reading]