A driving force

I guess the day you renew your driver’s license and they snap that picture that will follow you around for the next 8 years BEFORE you get the black eye qualifies as a good day, right?


Yesterday I had an appointment to go in and prove to the DMV examiner that I knew the difference between    [Continue reading]

...not in Kansas anymore...

Wow, busy Saturday here in Paradise. Polly and I started the day at the annual ALS Walk, where she entertained/irritated/pissed off the crowd with her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, which she sang with great gusto. I’ll bet the guy with the microphone who was trying to lead the song wished he    [Continue reading]

“That shure am some purty girl there…”

Oh, good. The weather is getting warm, the sand is covered with bare foot prints, and folks have climbed out from under their winter rocks and are talking to each other again. That means I ought to have up-to-the-minute Character Reports from the Front Lines before too long. It’s almost time to    [Continue reading]

Peace on Earth...please?