Peace on Earth...please?

Naked with spiders, or one thing about me

Some of my blogging friends have shared interesting factoids about themselves this week, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading 50 things or even 100 things about their lives.

I just can’t bring myself to join them, though. I’m not that interesting, and I like to fly under the radar a bit.

But I will share this:    [Continue reading]

Sunday & Songkran

Here’s my Sunday world, in about 25 miles and five hours.

The yoga babes connect and head for the 10:15 ferry, which is currently at the “yellow” threat level, according to TSA. Given how peaceful it is here on the water, I’m inclined to think that refers to the yellow-green pollen, which is coating    [Continue reading]

Day is a-breaking in my soul

Bright morning stars are rising,
Bright morning stars are rising,
Bright morning stars are rising.
Day is a-breaking in my soul.

I love this song — the simple lyrics, tight harmonies, the faith in a brighter day even in a world filled with strife and sorrow. It’s a traditional Kentucky bluegrass song, from around the time of    [Continue reading]