It was a dark and stormy night…

…perfect baking weather, in my mind. So I made apricot-orange oat scones and then, since the kitchen was already a mess, cranberry chocolate chip cookies. C’mon over. I just put on a pot of coffee.

I was awake a lot during the night since bands of rain kept slamming the bedroom windows.    [Continue reading]

Crossing the 50K Line with NaNoWriMo

DING! DING! DING! Yesterday I crossed the National Novel Writing Month finish line when I wrote the 50,000th word of Pelican Island, my NaNo murder mystery. I didn’t stop writing even though the flashing lights and buzzers went crazy and someone started pouring champagne while a brass band played.

oh. wait.    [Continue reading]

Paper Rats, JCO, Nancy Drew and me: The 'Inside the Writers' Studio' Interview

I was honored, flattered and just plain excited when the lovely and talented Paper Rats, Kris and R.J., invited me Inside the Writers’ Studio for an interview. ME? They wanted to interview me?


So here’s the link to today’s interview: Natasha Drew on mystery, muses, and Joyce Carol Oates.    [Continue reading]

I think I can

Today is the mid-point of National Novel Writing Month. I’m closing in on 30,000 words and should be able to hit my 50,000 word goal by the end of the month, lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.

Will I reach THE END of my novel by November 30? We’ll see. Right now    [Continue reading]