How was your week-end?

Friday morning, the hurricane-formerly-known-as-Earl had wimped its way out of North Carolina — without leaving us so much as a drop of rain or a gust of wind. But at least the surf was up at the end of the island and I got to watch a little wave action.

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That Guy

Remember being at a party or a bar or in a class when you saw That Guy across the room — and he was looking at you, too? And how, all of a sudden, the day got just special, kinda exciting? And your heart started beating just a little bit faster?

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In an attempt to be 'fair and balanced'...

…I thought I’d post this picture of the seitan I made and wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

I wanted to show that delicious, healthy food can look just as unappetizing as the artery-clogger I posted on Friday. This is my seitan, right before getting sliced and tossed into a yummy stir-fry. Sorta    [Continue reading]


Wow, talk about Signs.  I’ve had a bunch of them in the last couple of days.  First, my brother called and started talking about The Situation forty – forty! – years ago.  I don’t want to get too far into it here, but I did something selfless back then to help my family. It radically    [Continue reading]