Getting Down to Business

The summer’s half over, and I’m still sitting here with an unfinished draft of Moon Beach Magic. I thought I’d have the first draft finished as a birthday present to myself in May, but once I put the whole thing together I realized that the missing chunks were too big and the draft too drafty.

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Sex toys and iPods

Well, if this title doesn’t up my blog stats and clog my spam filter, I don’t know what will.

I’m sorry to disappoint those of you visiting my site for the first time because of its title, but this post is actually about how authors merchandise and sell their books.

No, really.

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Writing? Marketing? Writing? Marketing?

When I started blogging in earnest last year, I thought I’d share smatterings of my writing, talk about writing issues and have, if I was lucky, maybe half a dozen writing buddies to compare notes with and prop me up during writing crises and National Novel Writing month. Which is pretty much what    [Continue reading]