Public Service Announcement

This one’s for mothers of teenagers. Dayner? DS? Sorry I didn’t get this out on Mom’s Day. I’d spent most of the night in the hospital emergency room with my neighbor and was pretty tired, but probably not as tired as she was. Eoew, I’d forgotten how much head wounds    [Continue reading]

Friday Flash Fiction

I honestly thought it was Friday this morning, so I posted this, then hid it when I realized it was Thursday, then decided, who cares what day it is?

Just in case you were still worrying about poor Libby’s fate……

“Libby! Can you hear me?”

She opened her eyes. The sun was too bright; trees    [Continue reading]

Dan Wilson -- Everything Green

Dan Wilson is an amazing musician — Here’s his Valentine greeting: “I am sending this song to you all as a Valentine’s greeting. Maybe you’ll want to forward the link to someone you love, someone for whom you wish all good things. I would like it if you did. Please pass it on.”

So that’s what    [Continue reading]

The Secret(s) to a Long & Happy Marriage

The Wall Street Journal featured an interesting article yesterday: Happy Couples Kiss and Tell. The author interviewed several couples (including her own parents) who have been married for decades and asked them the secrets to their success.

Yeah, I know that’s a picture of Ozzy and Sharon, but this is the    [Continue reading]