Paper Rats, JCO, Nancy Drew and me: The 'Inside the Writers' Studio' Interview

I was honored, flattered and just plain excited when the lovely and talented Paper Rats, Kris and R.J., invited me Inside the Writers’ Studio for an interview. ME? They wanted to interview me?


So here’s the link to today’s interview: Natasha Drew on mystery, muses, and Joyce Carol Oates.    [Continue reading]

Bits and pieces from an evening with Joyce Carol Oates

Last Friday night I went to hear Joyce Carol Oates read/speak at my local university. She read ‘Pumpkin Head’ from Sourland, her new collection of short stories, and you can read the story here if you’re interested. When she started reading, I thought, Oh, good, this isn’t going to be too creepy.

I was wrong.    [Continue reading]

Joyce Carol Oates recommendations?

Joyce Carol Oates is going to be speaking here next week and I’m looking forward to hearing her.

But here’s the thing: I’ve hated everything I’ve ever read by her. I plowed through a couple of her novels many years ago when I was in a depressing period of my life, and    [Continue reading]