It's Game Time Again!

Well, it looks like posting this story might turn out to be an annual Super Bowl thang for me after all. Enjoy!

Game Time

All eyes were on Deirdre when she walked into the room. She hated times like this. Those stares, what they were thinking behind their glassy eyes – always made her uncomfortable. Wet    [Continue reading]

Winter Solstice 2012

It’s the Winter Solstice, which happens every year about this time… And contrary to predictions, the world did NOT end today.

Honestly, I can’t celebrate this any better than to re-post earlier Solstice messages, with Rebecca Parker’s beautiful Winter Solstice poem.

Happy Holidays, friends! “Let this be the time we wake to life.”


for a moment
the typewriters    [Continue reading]

Double Win!

This week I won a contest on Christi Craig’s blog: my own copy of Linda Cassidy Lewis‘s novel The Brevity of Roses. I’d already read and enjoyed the e-book, but I admit it, there’s something special about actually holding a physical book in your hands…

Also, through this contest I’ve discovered Christi’s lovely blog and    [Continue reading]

Close to it

One of the beach cottage rental places in town has a sign that reads “There’s not much here, but what there is – you’re close to it.” The highlight of New Year’s Eve is a giant lighted beach ball being lowered from a fire truck ladder onto the beach, followed by some fireworks.

Ringing in    [Continue reading]