Late Flash Fiction

Fellow blogger Parrot Writes set out this flash fiction challenge for last week:

We are traveling 60 mph on the interstate going home from our Ashland stay. Suddenly we see brakelights four or five cars ahead of us and watch a minivan swerve off to the shoulder of the highway and slide to an immediate    [Continue reading]

Sunday & Songkran

Here’s my Sunday world, in about 25 miles and five hours.

The yoga babes connect and head for the 10:15 ferry, which is currently at the “yellow” threat level, according to TSA. Given how peaceful it is here on the water, I’m inclined to think that refers to the yellow-green pollen, which is coating    [Continue reading]

April is National Poetry Month

I just realized this is National Poetry Month.

Favorite poets, anyone? My favorite is Mary Oliver. She captures the essence of nature and life so beautifully, so simply.  I could stick one of her poems here (like anything from Why I Wake Early for example), but decided instead to share one of my    [Continue reading]

Happy Peepster

The Washington Post does a great contest every spring called the Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest. This link provides background info, pictures of the semi-finalists and even videos of the five finalists. I chose to add a picture of one of the finalists, Goodnight Peep, because this is a, uh, semi-literary blog and    [Continue reading]