CW - Update on goals & progress

So where am I along my Creativity Workshop path? According to the original plan, I should be starting my last of four stories centering around a specific place and time: post-Hurricane Ike Galveston Texas. Am I there?

Nah. I realized during my week in Texas that there was Absolutely No Time    [Continue reading]

Friday Flash Fiction

This one came out of a short conversation I had with an airline seatmate last week.  She’d slept most of the flight, and I only got to talk with her after the plane actually landed.  She was in her late 20’s, probably, and she’d just come from visiting her sister, who was a couple of    [Continue reading]

Conversation Stoppers 102

I  should know better, I really should.

Lately I’ve spent too much time around people who are in terrible places in their lives – bad luck, bad choices, bad planning, and who knows what else.  And I think, “Oh, here’s what I’d do differently.”

But would I?  Could I?  Would I find myself on the same dead    [Continue reading]

Fly the Friendly Skies

Alex made it safely back to Boston yesterday. He said it was the worst flight he’d ever been on, which didn’t surprise me since 55 mph wind gusts were buffeting the New England coastline in the afternoon.

The flight attendant asked him if he’d be willing to change seats so a family traveling together    [Continue reading]