Flash Fiction with a Vengeance

“I don’t care if he is in the hospital. Serves him right. Thinks he can just ignore me — and when he’s working on my dime, too – ”

She snorted. “He’ll be the one who pays.”

“Shirley, I’m not sure I want to represent you in this matter. There    [Continue reading]

Friday Flash Haiku

Scrawled on a soggy scrap of paper at the beach yesterday:

Conf’rence call — cancelled.
Plan B: Pack lunch, grab suit, GO.
Low tide, warm waves. Bliss.

CW -- Where was/am I, anyway?

So where am I with my Creativity Workshop goals, my One Story Per Week plan? I’ve already admitted that I didn’t write a single word during my vacation. My bad. But I do have a couple of semi-stories in the hopper from my ‘Breaking the rules/breaking the law’ segment — again, more    [Continue reading]

Friday Flash -- July 16

“I want those to go, too.” She pointed to the row of rosebushes, yellow and red blossoms bobbing in the breeze.

“Ma’am?” The bushes were healthy, lush, and while he wasn’t a flower man himself, he was sure someone had lavished a great deal of care on them, and recently, too.

She smiled and    [Continue reading]