I have issues

Yet verily these issues lie on the lap of the gods. — Homer

uh. Maybe it was the Other Homer who said that.

I am heading late out of the starting gate for what promises to be a fascinating Creativity Workshop. Whether I make it around even the first lap remains to be seen, since    [Continue reading]

Chris Baty Rules!

I loved his ‘pep talk’ this morning. Especially Tip Three: Remember that your book is important….And there is someone out there who has been waiting their whole life to read the book you’re writing now.

The beat goes on. and on.

This morning, Day Three of NaNoWriMo, I seemed to be somewhere that Chris Baty says should be the realm of Week Two. That would be the infamous ‘storm cloud’ scenario.

I was plodding along and realized that Becca, protagonist and my own personal alter-ego, was an insufferable little prick who was boring the pants off    [Continue reading]

Chris Baty, Can You Hear Me Now?

Wow. I’m singing along with Dayner’s play list for novel writing. And perched on the edge of my seat to see what happens to Kathan’s Mean Girls. And cheering that Dark Angel’s voice is coming on so loud and clear….

Me? I’m feeling dangerously unprepared for the upcoming NaNoWriMo experience,    [Continue reading]