Julia Roberts couldn’t have known what she was signing up for…

I got my teeth cleaned yesterday, and you know what that means:  another book review from Crystal, my dental hygienist.

Once she stuck the suction tube and her hands and all those little torture devices in my mouth, she had her captive audience and got started:

“I just read Eat, Pray, Love….  I don’t know.  I mean,    [Continue reading]

Yoga B & B

Each January, my yoga group does a B & B – breakfast and burning – and this past Saturday was our day to bring food and eat together. We shared simple gifts with each other – the perfect crystal, tulip bulbs and gardening gloves, a new meditation chant. K had snapped each of    [Continue reading]

Saturday Journal

Geez, what a day. The little dog spent most of the night wheezing, trying to breathe. He was so weak this morning he couldn’t stand up, and it felt like it was almost time for him to leave us.

Still, I went to yoga. I needed my little yoga group – oh    [Continue reading]

Saturday Morning Yoga

Every Saturday at 9 AM, I head for the aptly-named Pleasure Island and B’s warm, welcoming, funky house on the ocean’s edge. For an hour six of us breathe in, breathe out, concentrating on the flow of energy between and among us and the universe.

Each week I find I    [Continue reading]