If you can't write a story from this prompt, it's time to take up crocheting...

I’ve seen this picture everywhere online since last night – It was taken by Rich Lam of Getty Images and I copied it from The Source at boston.com. Here’s a line from a quick interview with the photographer today: “Lam didn’t realize what he had captured.”

What he captured was, well, EVERYTHING. This picture    [Continue reading]

Go Inside the Writers' Studio to learn more about independent publishing

You want fries with that?

The Wall Street Journal must have read my last post, since the front page today featured this article: Authors Feel Pinch in Age of E-Books. I’ll highlight some of the salient points, but I highly recommend going directly to the source and reading the whole article.

It could be construed as – uh –    [Continue reading]


I decided to start writing a mystery during this year’s National Novel Writing Month. For one thing, it’s time to live up to the name of my blog.

But the real reason – I think – is this: I need to try using an outline or formula for writing a long narrative, and it    [Continue reading]