Winter Solstice 2012

It’s the Winter Solstice, which happens every year about this time… And contrary to predictions, the world did NOT end today.

Honestly, I can’t celebrate this any better than to re-post earlier Solstice messages, with Rebecca Parker’s beautiful Winter Solstice poem.

Happy Holidays, friends! “Let this be the time we wake to life.”


for a moment
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Random Act of Culture: Hallelujah!

…Just in case you missed this. Enjoy! (No, I’m not one of the singers here — but I sure wish I had been!)

Also, tomorrow I will be cross-posting the latest interview (with Craig Lancaster) from/by Inside the Writers’ Studio, so check back then. It’s interesting in a bunch of different ways.

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CW -- the final stretch

The Creativity Workshop is coming to an official end – and this is where those graduation speech sentiments come into play: the end of something meaningful, but more importantly, the launch pad for something newer, more exciting, bigger. blah blah blah.

Well, yeah…

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Sunday & Songkran

Here’s my Sunday world, in about 25 miles and five hours.

The yoga babes connect and head for the 10:15 ferry, which is currently at the “yellow” threat level, according to TSA. Given how peaceful it is here on the water, I’m inclined to think that refers to the yellow-green pollen, which is coating    [Continue reading]