My next door neighbor rented a humungous – and very loud – wood chipper to deal with a tree that came down in our high winds a couple of weeks ago.

They started the sucker shortly after 7 AM this morning. At 10 AM they are still going strong. At least it’s pouring out. And cold.

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to make a long story short...

I obviously haven’t been in blog-land much lately. I’ve been editing my WIP and frankly, if I follow much more of the (good) writing advice/models I’ve been reading lately, there won’t be much of the damn thing left for anyone else to read.

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Close to it

One of the beach cottage rental places in town has a sign that reads “There’s not much here, but what there is – you’re close to it.” The highlight of New Year’s Eve is a giant lighted beach ball being lowered from a fire truck ladder onto the beach, followed by some fireworks.

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The Writer-Editor Relationship

I went to a great panel discussion this past week as part of my local university’s annual Writers Week. It featured Jay Varner, a Creative Writing MFA graduate here who just published his memoir, Nothing Left to Burn, and Jay’s editor, Chuck Adams at Algonquin Books. Adams also edited Sara Gruen’s Like Water    [Continue reading]