Trout fishing (or mebbe catfish) in America

The Man and I recently got back from our spring road trip. We had our usual quirky time – we like back roads and waterfalls and dams and fish hatcheries and of course we met enough characters to people a couple of novels (I hope).

When you and the guy walking across the top of    [Continue reading]

A driving force

I guess the day you renew your driver’s license and they snap that picture that will follow you around for the next 8 years BEFORE you get the black eye qualifies as a good day, right?


Yesterday I had an appointment to go in and prove to the DMV examiner that I knew the difference between    [Continue reading]

Peace on Earth...please?

Going to the dogs

The North End of the island is one of the few places along the East Coast where you can legally drive your 4 wheel drive vehicle down the beach and set up camp right above the high tide line — tents, campers, campfires, dogs running free.

Booze? Hell, the Brew Thru, our drive-through beer and    [Continue reading]