Peace on Earth...please?

Winter Solstice 2010

It’s the Winter Solstice, happens every year about this time…. And honestly, I can’t do any better than re-post last year’s Solstice message, with Rebecca Parker’s beautiful Winter Solstice poem.

Happy Holidays, friends! “Let this be the time we wake to life.”


for a moment
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Sunday & Songkran

Here’s my Sunday world, in about 25 miles and five hours.

The yoga babes connect and head for the 10:15 ferry, which is currently at the “yellow” threat level, according to TSA. Given how peaceful it is here on the water, I’m inclined to think that refers to the yellow-green pollen, which is coating    [Continue reading]

Why there's no Friday Flash today

Senator Hagan was in town today. That’s me in the pink baseball cap (from the local TV news).

I’ll be back tomorrow.

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