Getting Down to Business

The summer’s half over, and I’m still sitting here with an unfinished draft of Moon Beach Magic. I thought I’d have the first draft finished as a birthday present to myself in May, but once I put the whole thing together I realized that the missing chunks were too big and the draft too drafty.

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Vince, John Cusack, chicken suits and me

Hi folks. I’d love some of your thoughts here. I’m interested in learning how clearly other writers see their characters when they’re writing them. Do you have strong visual pictures of them before or while writing? Some writers hang pictures of people they think their characters might look like near their writing desks, for example.

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Borders - and now Amy

If you can't write a story from this prompt, it's time to take up crocheting...

I’ve seen this picture everywhere online since last night – It was taken by Rich Lam of Getty Images and I copied it from The Source at Here’s a line from a quick interview with the photographer today: “Lam didn’t realize what he had captured.”

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