Winter Solstice 2010

It’s the Winter Solstice, happens every year about this time…. And honestly, I can’t do any better than re-post last year’s Solstice message, with Rebecca Parker’s beautiful Winter Solstice poem.

Happy Holidays, friends! “Let this be the time we wake to life.”


for a moment
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The man in the green house

Before moving to the South, I lived in a nice upscale Boston suburb. I was pregnant when we bought the ‘barn red’ Cape Cod style house and moved out after my son started college. My street featured lots of curves, stone fences, big wooded lots and old houses — a quintessential New    [Continue reading]


I took this picture at a neat little art gallery/shop in Berea, Kentucky during our last road trip. Unfortunately the place was closed, so I didn’t get a chance to peek inside the book or at least purchase a package of the cocktail napkins, which looked like a real bargain at $4.95.    [Continue reading]

Blog tag -- I'm it!

Thanks to Linda Cassidy Lewis for getting this game of blog tag started around this galaxy and for Dayner for tagging me for this fun Getting to Know You quiz.

1. If you could have any superpower, what would you have? Why?

I would have super-suck power. That way I could wave that    [Continue reading]