The Boston Marathon, my rehab and an idiot golf cart driver

Today is the Boston Marathon. It’s also the three-month anniversary of my two-fer total knee replacement bash and so it seems an appropriate day for my rehab post.

For those tuning in for the first time, I had both my knees replaced in January. I had a terrific surgeon and anesthesiologist, a great hospital experience, a    [Continue reading]

Toilet paper and beer

Yikes. Not only is Hurricane Irene projected to become a Category 3 or 4, at this point it’s projected to make landfall along the southeastern North Carolina coast on Saturday.


That’s where I live, folks. Of course, during Irene’s touch-down I’m supposed to be on Cape Cod at my college girlfriends’ reunion, which has been in    [Continue reading]

You're killing me with that story...

This freaking cold weather has, for some reason, reminded me of the two years I spent in Wisconsin in the 1970’s. I started writing this vignette sometime during the summer and meant to post it at Halloween but forgot about it until today. So here you go, trick or treat:

It was a dark    [Continue reading]

Bits and pieces from an evening with Joyce Carol Oates

Last Friday night I went to hear Joyce Carol Oates read/speak at my local university. She read ‘Pumpkin Head’ from Sourland, her new collection of short stories, and you can read the story here if you’re interested. When she started reading, I thought, Oh, good, this isn’t going to be too creepy.

I was wrong.    [Continue reading]