The Boston Marathon, my rehab and an idiot golf cart driver

Today is the Boston Marathon. It’s also the three-month anniversary of my two-fer total knee replacement bash and so it seems an appropriate day for my rehab post.

For those tuning in for the first time, I had both my knees replaced in January. I had a terrific surgeon and anesthesiologist, a great hospital experience, a    [Continue reading]

Lucky Seven and More

I know, I know, it’s been too long since I’ve posted here. Having two knee replacements at the same time slowed me down mentally more than I thought it would – and I was in Fantasyland to think I’d have all this time and energy while in rehab to work on writing Just Desserts Part    [Continue reading]

Double Win!

This week I won a contest on Christi Craig’s blog: my own copy of Linda Cassidy Lewis‘s novel The Brevity of Roses. I’d already read and enjoyed the e-book, but I admit it, there’s something special about actually holding a physical book in your hands…

Also, through this contest I’ve discovered Christi’s lovely blog and    [Continue reading]

I Love a Winner!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.

Well, Cathryn Grant’s Book and Kindle Giveaway is over – you can find out who won the contest here.

But I gotta say – I really feel like I was a big winner last week. It was fun to welcome new visitors to my blog and to visit those blogs in return.    [Continue reading]