My next door neighbor rented a humungous – and very loud – wood chipper to deal with a tree that came down in our high winds a couple of weeks ago.

They started the sucker shortly after 7 AM this morning. At 10 AM they are still going strong. At least it’s pouring out. And cold.

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Trout fishing (or mebbe catfish) in America

The Man and I recently got back from our spring road trip. We had our usual quirky time – we like back roads and waterfalls and dams and fish hatcheries and of course we met enough characters to people a couple of novels (I hope).

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“That shure am some purty girl there…”

Oh, good. The weather is getting warm, the sand is covered with bare foot prints, and folks have climbed out from under their winter rocks and are talking to each other again. That means I ought to have up-to-the-minute Character Reports from the Front Lines before too long. It’s almost time to    [Continue reading]

Going to the dogs

The North End of the island is one of the few places along the East Coast where you can legally drive your 4 wheel drive vehicle down the beach and set up camp right above the high tide line — tents, campers, campfires, dogs running free.

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