About Me

NancyGadzuk10KB Hi, and thanks for visiting my site! I’m Natasha Alexander and I’m glad you’re here.

I write contemporary fiction featuring quirky characters stumbling toward self-awareness, decent cannoli, and possibly love. My novel Moon Beach Magic was released in early September 2013.

Maybe it’s the light, maybe it’s the sand, maybe it’s the coastal lifestyle (whatever that is), but once I began my flat-out, full-time focus on writing fiction, I couldn’t imagine my stories taking place anywhere but in a sleepy southern coastal town.

I’ve tried to convey this sense of place in Moon Beach Magic. I like to take road trips, and I think I’ve visited every funky little beach town from North Carolina to the Texas/Mexico border. Moon Beach is an amalgam of the very best of these gems.

In earlier lifetimes, I worked in publishing, taught at various levels from kindergarten through university, designed interactive video, attended theological school, and conducted ethnographic research in urban schools around the US. (Not all at the same time, though.)

I live, write, and dream along the southeastern North Carolina coast. If I’m not writing, I’m probably walking on one of our beautiful beaches and chatting with the people I meet along the way: the flesh-and-blood characters as well as the ones living in my head.