Moon Beach Magic is LIVE!

MOON BEACH MAGIC - 2000B&NI am happy to announce that Moon Beach Magic has been released and is available NOW in print and ebook form from online retailers and in print at selected independent bookstores. Ask your local indie bookstore to carry it.

Here are some early 5 star review comments from Amazon:

“Natasha Alexander weaves a delicious tale of redemption, as Vince leaves behind his oppressive relationship with his father and finds community on Moon Beach. His journey is filled with danger, intrigue, friendship and love.”

“It’s great to see lovable Vince develop and find a sense of ‘home’ in this perfect community.
Crazy characters, mafia threats, explosions, burnt sugar ricotta pastry, and a sense of belonging all come together to make this a fun and quirky novel. A real treat!”

“There is a lot of Carl Hiaasen-type craziness and I found myself laughing out loud in places while reading.”

“Wonderfully worth the wait! I am definitely recommending Moon Beach Magic to my friends!”

Other reader comments: “What a fun book. The characters are quirky and real, the setting is familiar, and the pace and humor are quick! I want a Trilogy!”

You know you want to read Moon Beach Magic RIGHT NOW. Print copies are $9.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The Kindle eBook is $3.99 from Amazon. For a limited time, you can get autographed (or not) copies of Moon Beach Magic directly from me for $10.00 plus $3.50 shipping (USA only).

PollyCUIf you get the book directly from me, I will donate $1.00 to Adopt An ANGEL, a non-profit organization that takes animals with special needs and animals who have run out of time at local shelters and fosters them until they find permanent homes. Polly and Lola are both graduates of the program and they have approved this offer.

Leave a comment below if you want to purchase a paperback from me and I’ll send you details.

Thanks, and happy reading! I hope you enjoy your visit to Moon Beach.

4 comments to Moon Beach Magic is LIVE!

  • Janet Robertson

    Hi Natasha (Nancy)!
    Remember me from long ago in Boston? I was thinking about those days today and decided to Google you. Obviously, I was successful. You look good and I’m impressed that you’ve become a novelist.
    Good Work!!!
    Please let me know how I can get a copy of your book. I’d love to read it.
    All my best,

  • Janet – It was wonderful to hear from you! I just sent you an email. Way past time to catch up. xo

  • Natasha,

    You were my only comment (thank you for that) on my recent article at Sheila Boneham’s blog site. I offered anyone who commented a free book so I would like to send you a copy of either “Anni’s Attic” or “The Mystery at Marlatt Manor” if you would like one. They are both children’s books for the middle grade 8-12 years. Send me an email ( with your address and I will get that right off to you. Your own book looks great (Moon Beach Magic). I will have to get myself a Kindle copy to read. Talk to you soon.


  • Anne – How exciting (for me!) I just sent you an email. Thank you!


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