Lucky Seven and More

I know, I know, it’s been too long since I’ve posted here. Having two knee replacements at the same time slowed me down mentally more than I thought it would – and I was in Fantasyland to think I’d have all this time and energy while in rehab to work on writing Just Desserts Part Deux.

What I got instead of a fat word count was insight that will eventually, I hope, show up in my writing. There’s something about sharing bad breakfast foods and experiences with a bunch of adults in their jammies and wheelchairs/walkers/canes that changes your whole perspective on life. Really.

And now: I can walk! Long distances! It’s very exciting and life-enhancing. Last night The Man and I went to a concert with a friend and then walked down to the Riverwalk to see if the full moon high tide was going to splash up over the aptly-named Water Street. (It didn’t.) The walk was like a rehab final exam: bumpy sidewalks, cobblestones, down a long flight of stairs with a shaky handrail, up a hill, over a concrete wall. I did it all!

Yeah, I rule.

I’ve started a bunch of blog posts in the last couple of months and most of them felt, eh. They’re in my draft folder where they’ll probably stay until I hit the delete key. So I have a big thank you for Dayner – who has just gotten an actual, real-life, well-deserved BOOK CONTRACT!! – for giving me a gentle kick in the butt by tagging me in the Lucky Seven Meme.

Here’s how to play the game/meme:

1. Go to page 77 of your current manuscript or WIP.

2. Go to line 7.

3. Copy down the next 7 sentences and post them as written.

4. Tag 7 authors and let them know.

Of course, I’m not actually following these rules. If you’ve read Just Desserts: Greed. Lust. Death. Tiramisu., you know that I careen from POV to POV and scene to scene. I do the same in the sequel, so I’m not sure yet of the order of my manuscript or where page 77 would be. I picked a chapter that seemed like it might be roughly 77 pages in and went to the 7th line – which was the middle of a sentence – and moved down a couple of lines until I found 7 sentences that made a little sense together even when taken out of context.  I’ve been away from blogging long enough that most of the bloggers I follow have already been tagged for this game, so I’m not tagging anyone specifically. But if you’re reading this and want to play along – please do! Leave a comment so the rest of us can find you and read your sentences.

Here goes mine:

“I can’t lose my home – not now, and not to that jackass.” Tears – or maybe it was ice – gathered in Ernestine’s steely eyes.

“Ernestine, we won’t let that happen.” Lizzie caught Vince’s glance and held it. “Vince and I are going to save your property.”

Vince looked into Lizzie’s wild eyes. She was crazy, he thought, and he was startled to realize how very appealing he found that thought – and her – to be right then.

13 comments to Lucky Seven and More

  • Ernestine is losing her home?!?!? Oh no!
    Nice Lunky 7. Thanks for playing along. When can I expect to read all of this Part Deux?
    Glad you’re up and around. I’m sure fantasy land was fun but It’s nice to have you back online. I can’t wait to hear the tales of rehab. I think that might need to be another short story collection…or at least a series of blog posts.

    • Thanks. Maybe I’ll do a blog post or two. I can’t remember enough (fortunately) to tell detailed stories about folks I met in rehab. I did tell you, didn’t I, that my very first night in the hospital, when I couldn’t sleep AT ALL, you were there with me? Yeah, I know – drugs and all, but it was kind of weird.

  • Ooooo, sounds exciting! Your excerpt, I mean. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear you’re finally up to speed with the new knees. I might be able to keep you with you when I get my total body replacement.

    So clear brain means more you your fascinating blog posts???

    • Yeah, I’m finding I miss blogging. Fascinating I can’t guarantee, but I will definitely post more frequently than I did last year (which isn’t saying all that much).

  • Hmmm, left a comment, but I guess it disappeared.

  • I’m soooo glad you’re new knees are serving you well. You definitely tested them on your walk to the Riverfront!! You must be ecstatic. I can’t imagine what you’ve gone through to get to this point. I’m so proud of you.

    Best wishes to you and Just Desserts Part Deux. I’m going to reread your first book to refresh my memory of it.


  • Thanks to you, I downloaded a Kindle app to my PC. I purchased your book and reread it. It’s fabulous from the title to the last page. Your writing talent is admirable and I’m so proud of you. Now that you have you knees setting you free, nothing’s going to stop you!!!

  • Darksculptures

    I’m sorry I’m late to the party. Seems I’ve taken on quite a mouthful, and blah, blah, enough about me. It’s good to see you posting, even if it took Dana tagging you – LOL.

    I wish I had the resolve that you ladies have had in finishing a solid manuscript, self-publishing, and seeking/obtaining publication. It’s awesome to see everyone in our group (well, almost everyone) succeed.

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