Toilet paper and beer

Yikes. Not only is Hurricane Irene projected to become a Category 3 or 4, at this point it’s projected to make landfall along the southeastern North Carolina coast on Saturday.


That’s where I live, folks. Of course, during Irene’s touch-down I’m supposed to be on Cape Cod at my college girlfriends’ reunion, which has been in the works for two years.

Should I stay or should I go?

Good question, and I probably won’t know the answer until my flight takes off Friday morning and I’m either on it or not. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to leave The Man and the pets to fend for themselves if and when the roof blows off. Or when they’re stuck on the Interstate trying to get the hell out of Dodge ahead of 135 mph winds.

At the very least, I ought to hit the grocery store while they still have these Southern hurricane staples in stock.

Stay tuned. And, Goodnight, Irene.

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  • You make it sound so casually amusing, but it sounds scary. You (and the rest of those in your area) are in my thoughts. Take care.

  • Sorry to hear of your predicament. I hope you’ll all be safe.

    • WTF???? What is going on?? I was gonna post pictures from last week’s waterspout on the beach (that apparently made it all over the national news), or maybe the tornado/wind tunnel that touched down about a mile from here yesterday – but NOW AN EARTHQUAKE ON TOP OF THE HURRICANE??

      No, I didn’t feel a thing but everyone else locally on FB sure did.

      Wow. I thought you West Coasters did earthquakes, not us…

      must. go. dig. storm. shelter.

  • I like Dayner’s idea; take the whole family and head out!! I can’t imagine living in the forecasted path of a storm like Irene. I’m saying a prayer right now for everyone out your way.

  • It’s beginning to look like southeastern NC might not bear the full brunt of this thing. Perhaps the earthquake scared it away?

    Oh, wait – Irene is expected to hit Boston (which isn’t as used to hurricanes as NC is) as a category 1 a couple of hours after I arrive there on Sunday.

    hmm. Should I stay or should I go?

  • I hate these darn things. My oldest has been vacationing with extended family in VA for the past week, just 20 miles south of DC. Needless to say they didn’t know what the heck was going on when the ground started shaking. (Us Florida people don’t know what an earthquake feels like – well, now she does.) Anyway, they were supposed to be driving back to FL Thursday night and THEN THERE’s A HURRICANE! Poor kid can’t catch a break.

    If that’s what my next vacation is going to be like, I think I’ll stay home and picnic in the backyard. Just sayin’! Seems like no matter what you choose to do there’s always that Murphy’s Law thing.

    On a serious note, be safe doing what ever you choose.

  • I’m hoping you’ve been packing to get out of Dodge – even with cats. They can do just fine in the carrier for travel time… short travel time. Isn’t the Cape in the path too?
    I’ll make up the spare room for ya – come on over to the west coast for a spell.
    Stay safe!

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