Double Win!

This week I won a contest on Christi Craig’s blog: my own copy of Linda Cassidy Lewis‘s novel The Brevity of Roses. I’d already read and enjoyed the e-book, but I admit it, there’s something special about actually holding a physical book in your hands…

Also, through this contest I’ve discovered Christi’s lovely blog and am happy to add her to my list of favorites and new friends.

All in all, a good week. Now if the shot I got in my knee this morning would start working and if Tropical Storm Emily would remain off-shore, I’d call it a terrific week.

5 comments to Double Win!

  • You are always a winner! Congrats for the physical proof. Takes 48 to 72 hrs for the shot to work, so rest and relax a bit now – it will get better. Can’t do anything to help with Emily ‘cept say – move to the Pacific NW. We have beaches here too! Polly would love them…

    • Emily looks like she may have wimped out – or maybe not? Polly understands that thunderstorms are not so prevalent in the NW and is ready to head out now. Or as soon as I can coax her out from under my desk since there is currently a lot of ambient thunder.

  • I agree with Parrot; winning is what you’re destined to do! Congrats, girlfriend. I’ll be praying that you stay safe from Emily.

  • Natasha,

    Yay on having Linda’s book in hand (in print — I appreciate that as well).
    Thanks for the mention of my blog, and the lovely compliment.
    And, boo on the knee. I hope it’s feeling better now.

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