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  • Thanks for posting this, I’d never heard her music. I love that song, and the images are very intense. What a loss.

  • I watched several of the video clips from your facebook post about Amy. I also didn’t follow her music but recognized a couple of the songs. It’s very sad to see someone so talented succumb to drugs and alcohol.

  • I heard on the news today that she died from trying to quit drinking cold turkey. That is the saddest thing. She makes the decision to stop doing something that will eventually kill her, and it was the quitting that killed her. Would she be alive today is she didn’t quit drinking?

    Is it sad that every time I look at an artist these days I wonder what kind of drugs they’re taking? It’s true. And not even ‘if’ they’re taking drugs but “what kind”.

    I watched an interview with one of my favorite singers the other day, Gavin DeGraw, I know you’ve heard me mention him before. Anyway, while watching the interview, I immediately noticed that he was high–or ‘spun’ I should say. I’ve seen so many interviews and video clips of him that this one interview jumped out at me immediately as different. I could tell by the sound of his voice and his body language that something wasn’t right with him.

    And that’s another thing, how would it feel as a famous artist to constantly be bombarded with fans who think they know you?
    My brother complains about that a lot to me. He’ll call from the road and say things like “I just needed to hear a familiar voice”. Or “I needed to talk to a real person”. He said everyone thinks they own a piece of him and they all think they’re your best friend just because they like your music.
    So who am I to assume this man, whom I don’t really know, was high during this interview. Does buying his music and spending money on concert tickets give me the right to judge him? Or to assume I know who he really is as a person? I don’t know…
    Last weekend I went to a concert. It was held at the California Mid-State Fair. While there, the lead singer for Maroon 5 wondered out into the fair and played some games. As soon as I saw him, I knew who he was. He didn’t dress in disguise or anything, he was just playing a game with some kids. While I watched him play, I snap some photos of him, from a distance. I didn’t want to draw attention, or be rude to him. Once I had a few shoots, I put my camera away and just continued to watch as the crowd around got bigger. A few minutes later, this other lady walked up to him and started taking photos right up in his face. It was so rude, I couldn’t believe it. I watched with my mouth open…so disrespectful of his space and privacy. So of course, he stopped playing and walked back to the security gate. She followed him, still snapping picture right in his face.
    I don’t think that is a lifestyle I could ever enjoy. Too bad they can’t just make music for people to listen too without all the hoopla that goes along with it. Then again, I guess some people enjoy living like that.

    WOW! Clearly I’ve been spending too much time with Trevor and needed some adult conversation. I could’ve made this a blog post on my own site.

    • Drug deaths are so pointless and sad.

      On a slightly lighter note, do people stop writers and ask for their signatures when they see them on the street and recognize them?

      Hasn’t happened here yet…;)

  • I agree with Dana, it’s all so sad. Not just that we pass judgement on people in the entertainment industry, but that their lives (out of necessity) often become a social media circus.

    Some “fans” clearly exhibit an abnormal amount of infatuation.

    But…boy would I like to be THAT famous. I know the grass is always greener, but since hubbie got his 60 day layoff notice I’ve become a little envious of those who are not affected by the state of our economy.

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