If you can't write a story from this prompt, it's time to take up crocheting...

I’ve seen this picture everywhere online since last night – It was taken by Rich Lam of Getty Images and I copied it from The Source at boston.com. Here’s a line from a quick interview with the photographer today: “Lam didn’t realize what he had captured.”

What he captured was, well, EVERYTHING. This picture took my breath away.

I’m not much of a sports person, but this hockey thing (not the kiss) reminds me of the last time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. I was living in Boston and seemed to be the only one of my friends with a decent-paying job (thanks, Boston Public Schools!) I loaned a friend a substantial amount of money to pay his rent.

In return, he gave me a copy of Sports Illustrated magazine with Bobby Orr’s picture on the cover – and autographed by Orr.

“Some day this will be worth a lot more than the rent money,” he assured me.

I threw the magazine out with the trash. I wanted cash.

Charlie, you were probably right about that one.


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