“That shure am some purty girl there…”

Oh, good. The weather is getting warm, the sand is covered with bare foot prints, and folks have climbed out from under their winter rocks and are talking to each other again. That means I ought to have up-to-the-minute Character Reports from the Front Lines before too long. It’s almost time to head out for a walk on the beach to do some research.

[The Writer (that would be me), her Research Assistant (pictured on the left) and Resident Photographer/Technology Guru (behind the camera) leave the office for an hour to do basic field work.]


Bingo. Back from the beach, where it was 80+ degrees with a brisk off-shore breeze. We were sitting on the sand when a woman, probably in her early 70’s, walked toward us in what appeared to be her nightgown.

Now, I’m not much of a fashion maven these days, but I’m thinking if this thing was marketed as a ‘beach cover-up’ it was supposed to be worn over a bathing suit and at least hint at covering it. It wasn’t, and it didn’t. (And did I mention it was windy?)

“Can I pet her?” She was already scratching Polly’s head.

“I got a miniature dachshund – that thing thinks he rules the world. We’ll be walking and some little girl will come up and ask if she can pet him. I say ‘yes’ but I know she’ll see God before that dog’ll ever let her touch him.”

Mostly the beach is fine smooth sand, but we had a lunar high tide this week-end and one section was littered with sharp pieces of broken shells. She picked her way through the rubble in bare feet, winced in pain and then grinned back at me:

“Just gotta think of it like it’s a cheap pedicure.”

She kept on walking, nightgown flapping in the breeze.

10 comments to “That shure am some purty girl there…”

  • I love up to the minute character reports, and that one was … everything. Funny, poignant, full of visual precision. Did I say funny?

    I wish I could do Character Reports from the Front Lines of my corporate office, but it’s probably a Career Limiting Move. πŸ˜‰

    • Natasha

      Oh, if I ever did character sketches when I was working in an office – talk about a short career!

      Well, for sure you need to do some Character Reports – EVERY office provides such rich material – but do lots of mixing and matching so you can keep getting a paycheck!

      Until, of course, you’re a best-selling novelist and you can write whatever you please about the folks you [used to] work with.

  • I think I’ll just live an outdoor life through you. πŸ™‚ I love your little character sketches. I’m glad you’ll be getting out more now.

    • Natasha

      Well, because Polly needs to run every day, I always get out – but now that the weather is getting spectacular, I can enjoy it.

      I saw your pic of the Sierra Nevada mountains – you got some awesome outdoors in your neighborhood!

  • Lovely that the weather had turned a corner and you can resume your walks, ah research with your team. Another jewel for your book!

  • You sure run into some characters on the beach. How cool is that!! We’re so fortunate that after you get over the initial shock, you hang in there and then share the story here. Do you think she’ll shed the gown and slip on a thong as the temperature rises? Let’s hope not, right?? There’s a limit to everything!

    • Natasha

      Well, Shaddy, the mayor of our little beach town actually made national news a couple of months back by decreeing that we would be a ‘no-thong’ beach.

      So we might be spared.

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