I Love a Winner!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.

Well, Cathryn Grant’s Book and Kindle Giveaway is over – you can find out who won the contest here.

But I gotta say – I really feel like I was a big winner last week. It was fun to welcome new visitors to my blog and to visit those blogs in return. I discovered several new-to-me blogs to follow regularly, and that’s a real treat. I learned something about the passions that fuel people’s need to read and to write.

Of course I look at everything through my own lens, but getting into someone’s head – whether a fictional character, an author, or your own head as a reader/writer – to learn a bit more about human nature is a thread running through most of the comments. I get that, wanting to write about characters who climb into the brain somehow, want to read about them.

I’m reading Elizabeth George’s For the Sake of Elena right now. George has an amazing talent for slowly tossing little pieces of a character out like breadcrumbs that you just have to follow, hungry to learn more.

I bought the book at a used book fair last year and when I opened it, I found a little purple card taped on the inside front cover with this written on it: Absolutely the best Elizabeth George. If you like this one, you can go back and read all of them.

oh. yeah.

6 comments to I Love a Winner!

  • DS

    Well, I always knew you were a winner! I also enjoyed reading the comments. It was like a micro-study of a sampling of subculture unique to readers and writers. Good Fodder!

    • Natasha

      Definitely good fodder.

      The Dollar Store has all these ‘winner’ ribbons that I bought one year to hang from our Christmas stockings (yeah, I’m a recovering soccer mom). Since everyone here at Christmas is now over 21 or a canine/feline, finding just the right winner ribbons has been a challenge. But we have ‘good listener’ ‘most cheerful’ ‘good eater’ (Hello?? when 2/3 of the country is overweight? Lola Kitty has that one.) …and I can’t remember what else. Might be time to come up with some new ones.

      ‘good character developer’ ‘best story arc’

      What do you think?

  • I’ve made a note of Elizabeth George’s book. I can’t wait to get into it!

    It’s awesome making new online friends. I’m glad that’s happening for you.

  • I don’t know how I missed this post. Am I still on your email subscription list?
    You know, I could use a kindle. Couldn’t you have put in a word for me? Maybe an extra vote or two?
    Okay, just kidding. 🙂
    Glad you had fun with it. It’s nice getting to know/see in blogs. There’s so many great ones and so little time.
    I’ll check out Elizabeth George. I need help with my characters, maybe I’ll learn some thing from her.

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