Close to it

One of the beach cottage rental places in town has a sign that reads “There’s not much here, but what there is – you’re close to it.” The highlight of New Year’s Eve is a giant lighted beach ball being lowered from a fire truck ladder onto the beach, followed by some fireworks.

Ringing in a new year can be pretty darn low-key around here.

I’ve enjoyed reading my blogging friends’ new year’s writing resolutions and watching hordes of people in brand new Lycra work-out clothes stride purposefully along the beach swinging their Christmas hand weights and matching water bottles.

I hope the writing resolutions last longer than most of these exercise routines. Another two, maybe three, weeks and the beach will be back to normal again, crammed instead with lunatic fishermen and young women with prophetic visions, as the January fitness fanaticism fades. At least I hope so.

I’m not much one for new year’s resolutions – the last time I made them was years ago when I was pissed off and wrote up lists of resolutions for my family members to follow. You can imagine how well that went over with them.

And yet.

I’m sitting here applauding (and reading!) Cathryn Grant as her debut novel, The Demise of the Soccer Moms, hits the streets. And sending another shout out to Linda Cassidy Lewis for deciding to go indie with her debut novel, The Brevity of Roses, during 2011.

I want to join them.

Which means I damn well better finish writing something. I have two works in progress: one that lacks a compelling ending, one lacking a ‘keep on reading!’ middle. They need tender loving care to become something more than a mess of good intentions and unconnected dots.

So that’s what I’m focusing on in 2011: TLC for my WIPs. And getting at least one of these puppies out there into the larger world.

Did I just make a new year’s resolution?

Yeah, I think so.

Yes I did – or close to it, anyway.

Happy New Year, Ya’ll!

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  • Thanks for the shout out. I think this is going to be quite a year for many of us. I sense a collective, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore” attitude among writers. Some are sick of wasting time with the old publishing model. Some are tired of playing at writing and want to get serious. We’re armed and dangerous. 🙂 Should be interesting.

    Good luck on your WIPs, and I hope to be adding your book to my Indie Author reading list soon.

  • Natasha

    Ah, I love to see ‘armed and dangerous’ here. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the shout out. I love the way you backed into your new year’s resolution! We’ll be cheering you on. Happy editing and writing.

  • I’m not much for New Year resolutions. They don’t work for me and I don’t believe in waiting to change one’s life. Shouldn’t everything just start now, be it January or July?
    I’m thrilled with Linda’s decision and I can’t wait to BUY her book. That’s it! If I were to make a resolution, it would be to support my friends first. I was in the book store over the weekend and had two books in my hand. One was from a well known published author, the other was a new author whose blog I have read several times. I opted to buy the new author’s book. I have also considered more seriously buying an e-reader so I can read more e-published only indie writers.
    Now I’m off to check out Cathryn Grant’s blog and book! 😉
    Happy New Year!

    • Natasha

      Thanks, Dayner. I agree, don’t see the point of making a big deal out of the beginning of a year when you can change your life for the better (or worse) any time you please….

      • I dunno. I like the fresh feel of the new year and am putting a few things down on paper that I plan to accomplish. Just like in my writing experience, I do better with guidelines. I plan to learn about editing and start redlining my WIP novel. I plan to step into the shallow end of the pool and submit a few things this year. I’m still posting on my blog and hope to get some feedback. (1yr blogaversary on 1/6/11)

        DS – I have an awesome recipe for Ginger-Orange Pumpkin Cheesecake if you are interested 🙂 I seem to have lost my link to you. 🙁

        Happy New Year to you all. I’m looking forward to enjoying your writing this year.

        • Natasha

          Let’s have cheesecake to celebrate your blogaversary, Parrot! It sounds like you have some things in the works to keep you hopping this year.

        • DS

          Parrot – I’d love that recipe! Email it to me at darksculptures (at) yahoo (dot) com. You didn’t lose the link, I shut the public blog down until further notice. I’m taking sabbatical for a while and enjoying a private creative life.

  • DS

    No resolutions for me. I’m going completely Bohemian this year. No plans, no commitments, no goals, no aspirations, and definitely no demands placed upon others. In fact, the only promise I made to myself was – to make no promises.

    Watching my friends work frantically toward their goals will be entertainment enough for me and I look forward to hearing about their successes.

    But, as for me, I’ve retired my Alpha-A status and adopted a new approach. The lions can battle over the Wildebeest, I’m going to settle for a slice of cheesecake instead.

  • I’m cheering you on.

    Go, Natasha, go
    Tend to your WIPs
    With your own special brand
    Of TLC.

    Go, girl, go
    Take em to the beach
    Take em anywhere
    Just do it, girl
    Just love your WIPs
    With tenderness, ketchup
    And mustard too.

    I know you’re wondering if I’ve gone off my rocker. Don’t feel bad, I’m scaring myself. Instead of deleting this as I would have in the past, I’m letting it go just the way it is. Just know, I’m behind you and your efforts and that’s all that matters, I hope??!!

  • You know, I almost always make some sort of resolution…they usually work for me and it’s a good time to retweak my life’s goals.

    But this year, I feel like I am a completely a clean slate. Which is terribly scary to tell you the truth. So no resolutions for me!

  • Good for you! Making the resolve to finish something is the first step.

    There should be another Novel Push Initiative coming up soon – this might be just what you need 😀

  • I made a resolution a few years back to not make resolutions. So far I’ve kept my resolution. I’m in the category that Linda spoke of “tired of playing at writing and want to get serious”. So push me and I’ll push you, accountability is a good thing, I think. Congrats to Linda and Cathryn, hoping for success for your books.

    • Natasha

      Oh, good, someone else to keep the fingers to the fire and/or keyboard! Knowing there are some like-minded folks out there cheering – and pushing – us all on can only be a good thing! It should be a good year…

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