I took this picture at a neat little art gallery/shop in Berea, Kentucky during our last road trip. Unfortunately the place was closed, so I didn’t get a chance to peek inside the book or at least purchase a package of the cocktail napkins, which looked like a real bargain at $4.95.

But I can improvise. Here on the East Coast of the U.S., it is 9 PM right now. I am lifting my glass ( inexpensive California chardonnay) to you, my fellow W.I.N.O.S., in praise, gratitude, humility and a load of hooey for traveling together on this writing journey, NaNo or not.

And I propose a toast: Care to join me each evening at 9 (your time or mine – or what the hell, both) for a quick toast to all the friends we’ve made in blogland and beyond? (W.I.N.O.S. is gender-neutral, in my book. That “W” can stand for Writer, Wing-nut, Whatever — and that should cover most of the bases.)

Ya’ll in?


(If you need a laugh with your wine and you are on Facebook, check out the NaNoWriMo page, where hundreds of people are offering (with varying amounts of shame) short summaries of what they are writing this month. Enjoy.)

8 comments to W.I.N.O.S.

  • Cheers! I’ll be a W.I.N.O … but only on the weekends 😉 So I’ll toast you this Friday.

  • I’m in! I am definitely a W.I.N.O.S!

  • Can’t wait that long. I’ll be lifting my glass on the west coast about the same time you are lifting yours on the east coast! So Cheers to you all! I’m definately also a Woman in Need of Sanity!

  • Natasha, you’re awesome! I will lift my glass to you, and to all of us who need a little sanity right now…probably tonight! And probably my time, because after a glass of wine, I’ll be in bed by 11pm.

    Who knows, maybe I’ll raise a glass during DS’s time…

  • I’m in! Maybe for both times. 🙂 I am in great need of some sanity right now so I will be at my laptop at 9pm with my glass of wine.

  • You’re so sweet to be thinking of the rest of us during this crazy month.

    For health reasons, I’ve become a red wine advocate. Every evening and frequently earlier (on weekends), I have a glass of inexpensive red wine. You know something, I deserve better this month. I’m going out this afternoon and buying myself a bottle of more expensive wine, perhaps $7 or $8 dollars a bottle. I’m rather conservative so for me that’s a lot to spend.

    I’ll most definitely raise my glass every evening at 9:00 and toast all of my co-writers. To be a writer one must be insane; thus I’ll toast to our comraderie and friendship instead. I’ve learned to accept my insanity and to cherish it as I do all of my life long companions.

    CHEERS To all!

  • Natasha

    Y’know, it’s ALWAYS 9 PM, or 6 PM, or whatever, somewhere. Just took a walk on the beach and folks were out there with their Bud Lights at 11 AM on a Tuesday.

    The TOAST is the thing — and here’s to ya’ll!

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