You want tanning spray with that bestseller?

Good lord. I never thought Snooki would be the one to make the publishing point I’ve been trying to hone in on.

Quoting my own self (Is that tacky? I certainly hope so!) from my last post: The big publishers focus on the books and authors they think will be blockbusters (can you say Nicholas Sparks?) and the rest of us/them – eh. Not so much. Or not at all. It’s all about the money, right now, not about supporting emerging writers.

So today I read this: Snooki is Writing a Booki. Turns out Snooki of Jersey Shore is writing a, er, novel that will come out in January. A Simon & Schuster (you’ve heard of them, right? One of the four largest English-language publishers in the world? ) imprint will be publishing it.

I rest my case. People looking for the validation of a contract with a major publisher to prove they are ‘real’ writers may want to revisit that thought.

Small, independent presses and self-publishing keep looking better.

Snooki’s book will be called A Shore Thing and the publisher is promising “big hair, dark tans, and fights galore.”

Put that in your literary fiction bookshelf. And read the article — as usual, the comments make it worth the trip.

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