How was your week-end?

Friday morning, the hurricane-formerly-known-as-Earl had wimped its way out of North Carolina — without leaving us so much as a drop of rain or a gust of wind. But at least the surf was up at the end of the island and I got to watch a little wave action.

[Double click on any of the pictures to see them in all their full-screen glory!]

Saturday was the local farmers’ market and art fair, held every Saturday morning during the summer around Carolina Beach Lake, which is supposedly the closest fresh-water lake to salt-water in the world. How close? Damn close: cross the street, walk through a parking lot and you’re in the ocean. In years we’ve had ‘real’ hurricanes, you can get to the ocean from the lake via kayak; they’re pretty much the same body of water.

I came home with a bunch of vegetables and some neat shell/bead/dragonfly earrings. And, obviously, lots of pictures.

We are graced with GREAT local musicians and we got to hear lots of them this week-end at my favorite venue: the local Tiki Bar — plunked on an old pier jutting out over the ocean. Here is Root Soul Project performing Saturday night.

Yes, that is the ocean in the background. I’ve watched the moon rise over the ocean (not this week-end, of course) while listening to great music (with a hint of surf in the downbeat) and drinking a good NC craft beer. Really, what could be better? Heard three good groups and did LOTS of unabashed people watching Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. Too loud to eavesdrop, unfortunately.

Finally, here’s the Boardwalk and our own Carny Town. This is the second summer we’ve had a summer-long carnival along the Boardwalk. The carnival has had its friends, its foes, and it has revived the local Redneck Riviera title just a bit, for both better and worse.

I haven’t been to many carnivals since my son finished middle school, so I’m not that into the latest rides — most of them don’t seem to have changed all that much since the Olden Days when I actually went on all of them. But this floating bubble thing — this was new to me.

It was new to our carnival, too. Earlier in the summer this little spit of real estate held the bungee jump. But a carny worker was reportedly inappropriately groping young females as he was ‘helping’ them into their bungee harnesses — though I’m not sure what constitutes appropriate groping. So he and the bungee jump were run out of town and in came the bubble. (Did I mention that some folks were not too excited about having a summer-long carnival in their back yard?)

This bubble thing creeped me out, though the little kids bouncing and rolling around looked like they were having a blast. You get pushed into this giant flat beach ball and then they inflate it — and zip you up so you’re waterproof/airproof and roll you into a big pool of water. It’s almost impossible to stand up and you bump and bounce around until, I guess, you pass out from lack of oxygen or the bubble guy decides it’s someone else’s turn. Couldn’t help it; I kept hearing Paul Simon singing in my brain.

One final, sweet note to the Island tour: just-made tiramisu gelato. Mmmm, good!

And that is the way we — at least one little sliver of us — looked to a distant constellation this Labor Day week-end.

How about you?

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  • How much fun you had!! I was at the tail end of some plague that I’ve had for 2 weeks, and Erich just started it.

    So we met a friend for dessert at a local French place I love, but for the most part we were at home watching the US Open (the hubs loves tennis). We did go for a walk at a nice lake yesterday, but we didn’t do much. We had terrific weather, too! Oh well…

  • Mine was nice but not nearly as eventful as yours. I’m glad the hurricane didn’t cause you any trouble. That’s a relief for me so I’m sure it’s more than that for you.

    Your photos are providing me with a closeup look at all that you enjoyed. I appreciate every one of them.

    • Natasha

      Shaddy, you are definitely an inspiration for sharing ‘a day in the life’ photos. I just needed to give up iPhoto and start using Picasa, which works for me.

      And of course I’m glad the hurricane went away without incident.

  • Surfing, crafts fair, carnival, gelato–sounds like an awesome weekend. I can live without the bubble thing too. I guess it’s safe to say you didn’t partake in the pork rinds…? LOL!
    The water must be warm, no wetsuits. It’s too cold out here for that, at least in Sonoma.
    Sorry you didn’t get the rain you wanted, but at least your roof didn’t get smashed in either.

    • Natasha

      It’s also safe to say I didn’t take part in the surfing. I just stood on the beach and held the camera. Yeah, the water is warm and will be warm enough for swimming into October probably.

      What’s nice about this area is that all these things take place within a mile or two of each other. You can just about crawl from one to the other. Though I generally prefer to walk or drive.

  • Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I just love browsing the farmer/flea markets in our area. I’m not too fond of the carnivals, unless of course they have live critters I can pet. Oh, and as a side note, you wouldn’t get me in one of those plastic balls unless there was a lot of money involved in the transaction.

    • Natasha

      Lots and lots of money — I agree wholeheartedly! It was seriously creepy. The carnival trucks all had Florida plates, so let me know when they set up for the winter near you….

  • That sounds so lovely! My weekend consisted of looking after a vomit-y, feverish small man, and washing lots and lots of towels.

  • Your weeked sounded fabulous. (Yours Natasha, not yours Merrilee) I love farmers markets and music.
    I’m glad you could have this enjoyable time instead of the worry and mess of the Earl. We stayed low key. My nephew came for a visit, I worked in the garden, and painted an “accent wall” a lovely shade of green in mom’s room. Oh, and I started a diet. Yep – 15Gms of sugar and 6 servings of carbohydrate a day. It’s supposed to get rid of the innertube that has somehow developed around my middle by keeping my insulin from storing the sugar I don’t need (apparently anything over 15 Gms a day) into fat cells. Sigh..

    • Natasha

      Oh, I have one of those innertubes! Keep us posted on the diet. I hope that you’re eating more than just the sugar and carbs, though.

      • The hard part of this diet is to keep the sugar intake at only 15Gms per day. I bet I normally eat 100Gms. And that is the point of the “life style change”. We eat way too much sugar, and the insulin produced by our pancreas takes what we don’t need and puts it into fat cells. A medium size red delicious apple has 14 Gms of sugar! A glass of milk has 12 Gms of sugar. So, it is a life style change. There is lots of food you can eat on this plan. Once you reach your goal weight you can add back fruit in small quantities. I’ll let you know how I do! If you are interested in looking at it more you can go to his website Or Not. 🙂

  • Wow, that’s quite a weekend. I’d never seen those bubble things before. I wonder if they’ll show up at our county fair next month.

    The Pork Rind seller’s sign struck me funny. Does the healthiness of the oil you fry pork rinds in really matter? I’m just prejudiced, I guess. I used to like them, but now I’ve eaten a lifetime’s worth of them on low-carb diets.

    My husband worked all weekend, so I read.

    • Natasha

      The pork rind stand is always fabulously busy. He has a fryer right there so you can buy them when they’re still hot. Plus he has a whole bunch of different seasonings.

      I have no idea what they taste like, but they sure are popular here.

      Whatcha reading?

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