Does this manuscript make my butt look big?

A gets extra credit for directing me to this clunker in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal (and on the front page!): Goodbye, Girdle: Curvy Stars Spark A Raid on Padded Panties.

It turns out there’s a market segment willing to shell out big bucks to get big butts.


The article provides TMI about flat-bottomed women desperate to add curves to their bums – some surgically (the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports nearly 5,000 butt lifts were performed in the U.S. in 2009 at up to $15,000 a butt) and some via padded panties, available at trendy boutiques as well as at Walgreen’s and Target.

These women are obviously not writers. It is impossible to sit with your computer, yellow pad or Moleskine notebook for hours each day and have this, er, problem.

Yesterday I went to Target, and came out with two summer tops, one on sale for $8.60, one for $10.00, and two bags of their organic blue corn tortilla chips with flaxseeds (the best packaged tortilla chips around, IMHO.) I forgot completely to look for Booty Pops while there, but I now know they are available online in black licorice and caramel nude for $19.95 a pair – plus shipping and handling.

I’ve never been much of a trend-setter, but I am so there with this butt thing. I figure if I put on one of my new halter tops, open the chips and sit at my computer to write and eat for a couple of hours, I’ll continue to be ahead of the curve, so to speak. I can work on maintaining my own personal butt, which I had even before it became trendy – and none of this silly Booty Pop business for me.


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