It's my Blogaversary!

Exactly one year ago today, Nancy Drew Too rolled out its first blog post! It’s my blogaversary! It’s a birthday!  I followed my writing buddies Kathan, Darksculptures, and Dayner into the blog pool and we started swimming. In the deep end.

Little did I realize at the time how much y’all would mean to me as we plowed forward and shared our writing adventures, hopes, dreams, frustrations, doubts, and, of course, our fabulous writing. Bless your hearts and thanks much, darlin’s… Likewise to everyone else who has graced this blog with your presence and comments.

In keeping with the tradition of my first blog post (what is it about these summer colds?), I’m gonna go take some cough syrup and blow my nose now and hope to come up with something clever for the Year In Review when I feel better. Namaste.

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