CW -- Where was/am I, anyway?

So where am I with my Creativity Workshop goals, my One Story Per Week plan? I’ve already admitted that I didn’t write a single word during my vacation. My bad. But I do have a couple of semi-stories in the hopper from my ‘Breaking the rules/breaking the law’ segment — again, more than I’d have if I weren’t slogging along in the needs-extra-help-and-time section of the workshop. So I figure I’m ahead of the game, at least my game, and I’m okay with my limited output.

And now, here I am in Segment Three: ‘Taking the mythic journey through the heart of darkness, er, suburbia.’ I’m plowing right ahead with a couple of tales of suburbia, the slice of American life with which I am most familiar — though I try my darnedest not to fit in here. Today’s Friday Flash may or may not find its way into one of my stories. I have lots of ideas for stories here, and many of them are interconnected. We’ll see what happens.

I do want to learn something about Joseph Campbell and his take on the mythic journey to see if that can enrich this series of stories — and my writing in general. Since I think Bill Moyers is the best journalist in the US, I want to watch the PBS series of interviews between Moyers and Campbell, and thought I’d start those before beginning this series of stories. But we’ve had major thunderstorms here for the past couple of days which has impacted internet/cable/phone service and I’ve not been able to download much of anything that requires speed.

So I’m plowing forward without Campbell, and I’ll let him catch up with me sometime in the future. And if any of you has any recommendations for books/videos/whatever that you’ve found useful about Campbell’s work, by all means let me know.

FINALLY, I’d like to give the talented, energetic, dynamic, gifted, inspirational (I know, too many adjectives — but she deserves every one, and more) Merrilee Faber kudos and gratitude supreme for cooking up the Creativity Workshop in the first place! Whether you are involved in the CW or not, take some time to go to her site and read some of her posts and hints, and the guest writers she’s invited to post during the workshop. Lots of inspirational food for thought there.

Thanks, Merrilee — and everyone who’s shared their thoughts and writing through the Workshop!

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  • I started watching those interviews some time back, but then got distracted. (What else is new?) I presume what I heard is rattling around in my brain, so I hope it comes through to help my journey.

    I guess, essentially, I quit the workshop, though I never intended to. I do want to finish my stories based on place. I don’t even remember what my third set was supposed to be. Merrilee’s workshop idea was a good one; I’ve just been a lousy participant.

    Good words on your suburbia stories.

    • Natasha

      I wouldn’t say that (lousy participant) at all — it was a very ambitious commitment to make and keep. I think, looking back, we’ll all feel that we were okay because we thought in some new and different ways as a result of whatever level of commitment we had. And that’s a good thing.

  • I have to admit I failed the workshop.

    I’d kept up with my poems and stories during the first nine weeks, but in the last leg the epics sort of kicked me in the butt and I fell behind. I think mainly because I just didn’t know that much about them or what I was getting myself into and I spent so much time researching form that I finally just felt like giving up – and did.

    Then my novel called me back so I started working on it and I’m still producing poems at a mimimum of three drafts a week. I’m writing and working through some (not all) of the exercises, but still reading every post on Merrilee’s site.

    I learned something about myself during the workshop. Poetry is a passion, short stories are good for practice, but my heart belongs to my novels even if they are meant to sit in a box under my bed.

    • Hey, DS, you might not have finished the coursework, but you didn’t fail the class! I’ve noticed a lot of changes in your writing and you mind since the workshop. So I definitely think you benefited from it!

    • Natasha

      You definitely did NOT fail the workshop. I thought you had put a really ambitious plan in place, and look what you’ve gotten out of it! The goal was refining or expanding our processes and a hit of self-knowledge, not coming up with finished, polished products. I’d say A+ for you on that.

  • I wish I’d known about and felt motivated enough to take the workshop (when I did find out about it, I was feeling to blah to do it). If it ever comes up again, I might be interested, you guys all seemed to get so much out of it!

    I think I am going to take a full-on college class this fall at a local college. It’s one of the few that has Creative Writing II (I took several CW classes in college), and it’s usually topical. This fall is memoir, which intrigues me a lot! I may audit the class since I don’t really need the grade, but I think it would be awesome to take.

  • Merrilee sounds alot like Ann from Beginning Writer’s Workshop. I’ll go to her site ASAP.

    • Natasha

      She’s a lot like Ann in that she gets juices started and gets you thinking and inspired, but her style is different (but good). I’m glad I got to meet both of them virtually!

  • Natasha, thank you so much for the kind words. I’m very pleased that the workshop is helping you stretch out in new directions. It’s lovely having you along, whatever your pace 🙂

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