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So where am I along my Creativity Workshop path? According to the original plan, I should be starting my last of four stories centering around a specific place and time: post-Hurricane Ike Galveston Texas. Am I there?

Nah. I realized during my week in Texas that there was Absolutely No Time for me to do any workshop writing and I changed my goal from four to three stories to reflect Real Life. I wrote the first one before I left. Here’s what I wrote about it in my first progress update draft (that I never finished and posted):

I’ve finished a decent first draft of my first short story, and learned something worthwhile for me at least — these shorts are an excellent way to go on a date or two with a genre or crazy idea without worrying about whether your family will like him — it’s just a date, maybe a hook-up, not a lifetime commitment. It’s fun to flirt with some bad-boy writing.

I’ve finished my first story focusing on a specific place, the Gulf of Mexico coast in the U.S. I’d been there in the fall, and I’m heading back in the morning, so it made sense to me who’s usually pretty practical. Who knew I’d end up writing historical fiction? And that it would be a love story? Between a house and a tree? I thought I was going to write about a hurricane, and I guess I did. Very much fun to write.

I had a lot of catch-up stuff to do when I got back from Texas, was exhausted, and — I admit it — I did NOT get up at the crack of dawn to write, no matter what.  My bad.  But I did write a couple of sketches that were based on conversations I had along the way. (This and this.)

My Friday Flash was the springboard for my second short story, which I’m in the midst of writing now.  It’s become a more complicated story than I originally thought it would be, told from multiple POVs, but I like the premise and the twist at the end.  And I’m going to keep plugging away at it, hoping for a decent draft by the end of the week.

I’m pleased.  I have two worth-working-on short stories in the mix now — two less than my original goal, and two more than I’d have if I hadn’t signed up for this Workshop.  I’m enjoying the freeing feeling of writing these shorts.  I know I’m overdoing the analogy here, but they really are Friends With Benefits.  We can have fun together, try out some new ideas, and then move on…

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  • My short story goals don’t start until next week, so I can’t say whether I’ll meet them, but I think you have a valid excuse for falling behind. The main thing is, like you said, you’ll end up with two stories you wouldn’t have written without the workshop. So, YAY for you!

  • lol what a wonderful (and true!) way to describe experimenting with short or flash fiction. Congrats on having a couple of stories to work with and good luck next week!

  • I completely agree – I love the freedom to explore that you get from short stories. I would never have the courage to do that with a novel 🙂 Good for you! And busy or not, you’re meeting the intent of the workshop – you’re reaching out and stretching your creative muscles.

    • Natasha

      Well, I’m definitely stretching the creative muscles and in ways I didn’t think I would or could. Thank you for setting the stage for all this, Merrilee.

  • I’m so happy for you. There’s light shining down on you, revealing unexpected treasures. I’m glad your efforts are being rewarded. How can we ever learn anything if we don’t just get out there and JUST DO IT. Dang, it seems I’ve heard that phrase somewhere.

    You’re way far ahead of us who aren’t participating in the workshop.

  • Natasha

    Shaddy, remember that you are turning wheelies around us with all your bicycling…

  • I am so glad you’re getting the motivation you needed to write! I wish I had known about the workshop beforehand…I wanted to start participating, but I was so far behind when I discovered it, it was too daunting to catch up!! Oh well, I am glad you’re doing this and it sounds like you’re expanding your writing horizons through it.

  • Yes, any progress is better than no progress!

  • Life happens! You still found time to write and that is what is important!

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