Public Service Announcement

This one’s for mothers of teenagers. Dayner? DS? Sorry I didn’t get this out on Mom’s Day. I’d spent most of the night in the hospital emergency room with my neighbor and was pretty tired, but probably not as tired as she was. Eoew, I’d forgotten how much head wounds could bleed. Nasty stuff. I definitely recommend AGAINST bedside tables with sharp corners.

So here are selected snippets of my Mother’s Day phone conversation yesterday with my son.
*ring* *ring*
alex: Hi Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!
me: Hi Honey!
alex: blah blah blah
me: blah blah blah
me: Thanks for, oh, about 23 years of making me a happy mother.
alex: 23? Are you sure you’d say 23? Maybe more like 20, 21?
me: Nah, more than that. Okay, let’s make it 22. Does that sound about right?
alex: I guess, if you say so.
me: Okay, thanks for 22 years of making me a happy mother.
alex: blah blah blah
me: blah blah blah
alex: luv ya, bye.
me: luv you too.

My little angel just turned 25. They do outgrow being teenagers. 🙂

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  • Ahh, very sweet. He has beautiful blue eyes. I was told boy teenagers were easier than girl teenagers. Hum…I hope so. I’m almost done with the girls but Trevor is only 10.
    Than again, one of my girls is an angel, the other is the devil’s spawn.
    Okay, being honest, Kaitlin isn’t a total angel and Lizzie isn’t a complete brat but that depends on the day. They are complete opposites.

    Hope your neighbor is okay. Sounds painful.
    Happy Mother’s day!

  • Natasha

    He is a cutie pie. I’ve heard that boy teenagers are supposed to be easier. And it might be true. Some of the girls Alex had been friends with since nursery school and who were totally delightful up to about age 10, shape-shifted into something horrifying shortly before becoming teens and remained that way pretty much into high school. They’ve all become lovely semi-adults in the last couple of years.

  • What a cupcake! He looks like his mamma and I agree with Dayner – beautiful eyes.

    I thought I was going to get a breather between my daughter and my son – being they are five years apart. But no – just as my daughter started to get her head on straight and adjust to the hormones, my son discovered girls and testosterone. If I could do it again I’d have twins and get it all over at once. LOL

  • OK, we need to dub you Saint Natasha. How is it that you spend so much time in the ER with others that are not your family? Hope your neighbor is doing fine now. And what a good looking kiddo!

    • Natasha

      …hardly a saint, Parrot. But I have a flashing ‘sucker’ light rotating around on my head that attracts the needy, and always has… And thanks, I’ll tell Alex to look at my blog and see what everyone has to say about him!

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