CW - Hindsight: week in review

That’s the first tattoo my son ever got. Hindsight — right there between his shoulder blades in crisp blue letters. Forever.

I guess my post title, then, is more or less in honor of Mother’s Day…. (Go find a Mom to hug if you haven’t already!)

So, hindsight — looking back over this first week of the Creativity Workshop, what do I see? I waffled well past the designated cut-off point to dive into the Creativity Workshop. Fortunately, the sainted Merrilee graciously opened the pool cover to let me in late, and here I am.

I’ve written up my goals, and feel pretty excited about working toward them. What’s most exciting though is reading everyone’s blogs and seeing the awesome and diverse ideas and themes this amazingly talented and creative group of writers is brewing up! I am working my way through the blogroll and will visit EVERYONE by Tuesday at the latest.

We took a lot of pictures on our Gulf Coast trip last fall, and I’m counting on a couple of them to spark the creative juices as I move into my first group of stories. I’m giving more thought to theme and how I might relate the stories even more through the common theme of ‘home.’ And I’ll spend some time going through news archives of the aftermath of Hurricane Ike as I get ready to write.

What I like best so far is the transformation from ‘Can I possibly make/find the time to do this workshop?’ to the realization that I can’t think of a better way to start each day for the next 12 weeks.

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