Seek and ye shall find

So I, along with other women-of-a-certain age, (uh — that would be most of my readers, if I’m not mistaken πŸ™‚ ) were horrified to learn that a new study has indicated that women need at least an hour of exercise a day to keep from gaining weight. More than twice as much as we thought we needed. Kathan has already posted her displeasure with this finding and I’m sure we are not alone.

We generally take Polly to the state park and what we call Dog Beach every day, so she can run and frolic with her friends and we can stand or sit around and watch. But it’s not the same as real exercise for me and I know it.

I also know that the excruciating backaches I’ve been suffering would ease up if I just started my day with a good brisk walk — like I did before I started writing so much.

ParrotBut – but – but — Morning is my writing time! Morning is when my words and brain work together best!

So today I changed my pattern and put my sneakers on as soon as I finished breakfast. I told myself that I would get something out of the walk that I’d be able to use somehow, somewhere in my writing, even though I’d be walking through a sleepy neighborhood of matching houses where nothing much happens, at least not from a sidewalk vantage point.

I spent my hour looking, looking, looking for something, anything, to pique my literary interest.

I waited for Polly to sniff the good smells she found at the base of a telephone pole, then I glanced up and noticed the flyer stapled to the pole. There was a picture of a brightly colored parrot under the ‘Lost Bird’ heading. I read the description and the phone contact information, and then I noticed this final line:

Bird lost – Super Bowl Sunday

Now, it that isn’t a writing prompt, I don’t know what is….

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