Day is a-breaking in my soul

Bright morning stars are rising,
Bright morning stars are rising,
Bright morning stars are rising.
Day is a-breaking in my soul.

I love this song — the simple lyrics, tight harmonies, the faith in a brighter day even in a world filled with strife and sorrow. It’s a traditional Kentucky bluegrass song, from around the time of the Civil War, I think.

It’s one of the songs I sang with a couple of other people in a coffeehouse a couple of weeks ago.  We sang acapella, we stayed on pitch, we harmonized, and we were actually not at all bad.  I love singing like I love writing — gotta do it.  It’s different, of course, but there’s that really wonderful buzz when you mix it up — whether it’s notes or words — and it all comes together just right.

Alas, no one taped us singing.   But here’s Emmylou Harris and the Red Dirt Boys singing pretty much the same arrangement we did.  I wish I could say I sound just like Emmylou —  in my dreams, and only in my dreams, I do.

At least we have the same hair.

I hope you enjoy this.  Peace on.

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