Cardinal update, or The Birds is coming

I know y’all are anxious to find out what’s happening with my kamikaze cardinal, so here’s the latest:
Catholic Cardinals

Whoops, wrong cardinals…. sorry.

This morning I walked down the driveway to get the paper and there in my palm trees (minus the snow, thank heaven) were not only the male cardinal, but a female cardinal as well. Phew. A couple of minutes later I saw them both in front of the garage window, where I overheard the following conversation:

Mr. C: …and then I fought him – bam bam bam – until I scared him out to kingdom come. (Cardinals = get it?)

Ms. C: Oh, you brave thing. Just look at your crumpled feathers from defending the territory for me!

Mr. C: Yeah, you shoulda seen the other guy. I just knocked him out of the park. (Cardinals = get it?)

Ms. C: You are my hero! Let’s go eat some seeds to celebrate and then gather a bunch of sticks for a love nest.

And they sailed off into the oak trees.


Obviously I am having difficulty working on my novel this morning.

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